Welcome to BLB BigMama B2B site

BLB BigMama distribution with it’s own house brand “BLB” is known to blend function & style, emphasising on customisation and bespoke bike building.
Under our umbrella of partner brands, BLB Bigmama distribution provides a one stop solution for stylish & innovative bike shops across Europe.

Formed as a natural extension to the widely known and loved East London bike shop - Brick Lane Bikes (BLB London). We are dedicated to quench the thirst for unique bicycle parts and components, specialising in fixed gear and urban rides. Our base and our heart is in the streets of East London out of which we are set up to supply a great variety of components, wheels and frames anywhere in the world.
With an informal and very personal attitude we are quick and happy to supply you wherever you are.

If you require assistance contact us on +44 (0) 203 022 3002.
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